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Scrutiny Panel commences review of proposed changes to the machinery of government

29 January 2018

A Review Panel has been formed to examine the changes proposed in P.1/2018, the "Draft Machinery of Government (Miscellaneous Amendments) (Jersey) Law 201-. The Panel, chaired by Deputy Simon Brée, held its first meeting this week.

The Panel will be examining the three main changes recommended within the proposals published by the Chief Minister:

  • the establishment of the Chief Executive Officer as the Principal Accountable Officer for the public sector.
  • the creation of a collective legal responsibility for all Ministers and Assistant Ministers, to be termed "Jersey Ministers". This replaces the existing system whereby each Minister and his Department constitute a separate legal entity.
  • changes which would give the Chief Minister greater flexibility to transfer Ministerial responsibilities and budgets.

The Panel will also be reviewing the other changes recommended within the Proposition, including the removal of collective responsibility for Ministers.

Deputy Simon Brée, Chairman of the Panel stated:

"The Proposition, if adopted, would have a significant impact on the way the States functions. It will change the way in which the civil service functions as an organisation and alters the current powers of the Chief Executive Officer, Department Chief Officers and the Chief Minister. It would also change the legal accountability of the States.

The proposals also have an impact on the operation of the States Assembly, including the scrutiny process and ministerial collective responsibility. Given the scale of the changes being proposed, the Panel has therefore asked the Chief Minister to defer the debate of P.1/2018 to allow us further time to undertake our work."