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Updated Arrangements: Future Hospital Hearing

21 February 2018

The Public Hearing with the Minister for Health and Social Services and Minister for Infrastructure taking place on Monday 26th February at 1:15pm - 2:30pm has been transferred to the States Chamber, States Building.

This is the first time that the States Chamber has been used for such a hearing and reflects the public interest in the future hospital project. Members of the public and media are very welcome to watch the hearing from the public gallery of the States Chamber, which can accommodate considerably more people than the usual scrutiny hearing rooms.

The change of venue will also allow the Public Hearing to be webcast and watched live or at a later time via the States Assembly website. From after the elections, it is planned that the necessary infrastructure will have been put in place to enable all Scrutiny Public Hearings to be webcast as a matter of course.

The Future Hospital Review Panel will be discussing the Ministers' plans for the future hospital project following the announcement from the Minister for the Environment that the planning application has been refused.