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Panel Publish Follow-up Report on Future Hospital

09 April 2018

The Future Hospital Review Panel has completed a follow-up review of the Future Hospital Project and has today published its report.

In December 2017 the Review Panel presented a report on the Future Hospital Project. The report focussed mainly on P.107/2017 "Future Hospital: Approval of the Preferred Scheme and Funding" lodged by the Treasury Minister on 31st October 2017. The Review Panel agreed to present a follow-up report following the Environment Minister's decision in January 2018 to refuse planning permission for the outline planning application.

As part of its work, the Review Panel held a Public Hearing with the Ministers for Health and Infrastructure on 26th February 2018. The purpose of the Hearing was to ask the Ministers what their plans were for the hospital project and the implications of the planning refusal in terms of preferred location for the hospital and funding for the project.

On the 12th March 2018 the Future Hospital Project Team presented the revised scheme which made significant changes to the original outline plan and aims to address concerns about the scale of the proposed hospital and its impact on St Helier.

In its report the Review Panel notes that the revised scheme differs significantly to the previous scheme, particularly the footprint and the project sequencing which will be completed in phases. The Panel believe that States Members should be given the opportunity to debate and approve the revised scheme. In that regard, the Panel recommends that the Council of Ministers lodge a Proposition in order to seek States approval of the revised scheme.

The Chairman of the Panel, Deputy Simon Brée said: "We believe that a precedent has been set in seeking States approval of the various strategies and preferred schemes that have changed and adapted since 2012. We recommend that the Council of Ministers lodge a Proposition so that the revised scheme can be fully debated by Members".