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Brexit Scrutiny Panel publishes comments paper

Brexit Scrutiny Panel publishes comments paper on Jersey's EU Repeal Law

05 March 2018

A scrutiny panel set up to review Jersey’s policy and law changes in relation to Brexit has today published a comments paper on the Draft European Union (Repeal and Amendment) (Jersey) Law. The Draft Law is due to be debated by the States on 6th March.

The Brexit Review Panel, chaired by Deputy John Le Fondré, was constituted in order to examine the policy and actions of the Council of Ministers in relation to Brexit.

The review of Jersey’s EU Repeal Law represents the Panel’s first substantive piece of work. The Panel has received a number of briefings and held a public hearing with the Minister for External Relations to examine the detail of this complex law.
It is recognised that as the UK moves through the Brexit process, Jersey will be required to respond quickly and efficiently, changing laws as necessary to ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

The Panel notes that in the coming months, there will be a significant amount of legislation to be changed and subjected to an appropriate level of scrutiny. At this early stage, having reviewed the Draft EU Repeal Law, the Panel is pleased to endorse the approach taken by the Minister for External Relations so far.

Deputy John Le Fondré, Chairman of the Brexit Review Panel, said:

“Brexit is gaining momentum week by week. Jersey must be able to adjust legislation to meet the changes as they arise. It is likely that there will be many complex issues to deal with in the coming months. This legislation allows that to happen.

In our comments paper, we draw attention to the proactive approach of the Minister in briefing the Panel and also to where the Minister has taken account of recommendations made by the Panel. This is a good example of Scrutiny adding value to the work of the Ministers.

The Panel is pleased to be able to endorse the approach being taken by the Council of Ministers at this time.”