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What question would you ask the Chief Minister

Scrutiny invites public to send in questions for the Chief Minister

07 September 2017

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel holds a quarterly public hearing with the Chief Minister on Friday 15th September 2017.

The Panel is inviting members of the public to send in questions they would like to ask the Chief Minister. The Panel will then select some of the questions to be put to the Chief Minister during the Hearing. The questions must be relevant to current affairs in the Island and cannot be of a personal nature.

Question areas

Questions can be submitted on any area of current affairs in the island or policy area within the Chief Minister's remit. Specific question areas during the public hearing will include:

  • Population Policy
  • Student Finance
  • Care Inquiry
  • Future Hospital
  • Machinery of Government
  • Brexit
  • Public Sector Reform

Questions on other areas will also be considered.

How to contact us

Questions can be tweeted to @Jerseyscrutiny, posted to the States Assembly Facebook page or emailed to us.

Jersey Scrutiny twitter feed

States Assembly Facebook page

Email the Scrutiny Office.

The deadline for receiving questions is 12pm on Thursday 14th September.

Quarterly Hearings

Scrutiny Panels hold quarterly public hearings with Ministers and senior civil servants in order to hold Ministers to account on their policies and other matters of public interest. Public hearings are usually held in the States Building and are open to members of the public to attend. Podcasts and transcripts are published after the hearing. Work is underway to introduce live webcasting of public hearings in the future.

The Education and Home Affairs Scrutiny Panel will be giving a similar opportunity for questions to be submitted for its next public hearing with the Education Minister. Further details of this will be announced soon.