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Scrutiny of Equal Marriage Legislation

Corporate Services Panel to review Equal Marriage Legislation

04 October 2017

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel will be undertaking legislative scrutiny of the draft equal marriage legislation once it is lodged.

As part of its work, the Panel will consider if the draft law meets the objectives set out by the States when it gave in-principle approval to the changes in 2015. This will include ensuring that the law:

  • Adequately provides for same sex couples to get married in Jersey
  • Deals with any consequential legal changes required
  • Allows for open air marriages, as per a separate decision of the States (also in 2015)
  • Provides adequate protections for religious organisations and religious officials, as agreed by the States

The first part of the review will take place during the 6 weeks from the law being lodged to the debate of the principles. Following the debate of the principles of the law, the Panel will then be offered the opportunity for a further period of detailed scrutiny of each article of the law if required.

In due course, the Panel will invite submissions to the review from relevant stakeholders and members of the public.

Deputy John Le Fondré, Chairman of the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel, said:

“The draft law will introduce fundamental changes to our existing marriage laws. These changes have been approved by the States and our review will therefore be focused on ensuring that the changes have the intended effect”