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Panel to Review Funding Package for the New Hospital

24 January 2017

Following an agreement in the States Assembly on Thursday, the proposals to fund the new hospital have been referred by the Assembly to the Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel for review.

The Panel had notified the Minister within one week of the proposition being lodged at the end of November that there was insufficient time for Scrutiny to review it and had asked the Minister for Treasury and Resources for an extension to 14th February 2017. This was rejected by the Minister. With the vote in the States Assembly this week requesting the Panel to review the plans, the Panel has now been given sufficient time to conduct a comprehensive review.

The Panel is in the process of engaging expert advisors to assist in the review of the proposals published by the Minister for Treasury and Resources and will update the States at its next sitting at the end of January on the expected timings for the review.

Deputy John Le Fondré, Chairman of the Panel commented:

"I am pleased with the decision of the Assembly to ask the Panel to review the future hospital's funding mechanisms. It provides the Panel with the ability, now that sufficient time has been granted, to conduct an in-depth review into all aspects of the funding of the hospital. It also reaffirms the importance that States Members place on the role of Scrutiny.

Given that the funding proposals would result in the highest level of debt in the Island's history, the Panel clearly has a crucial function to perform. We have immediately put arrangements in place for our expert advisors to commence work as quickly as possible and will be updating the Assembly at the next States sitting on our progress.