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International Co-operation (Protection from Liability) (Jersey) Law

Start date: 27/06/2018

Status: Review started

What is the review about?

The Corporate Services Scrutiny Panel is undertaking a short review of a new law which would protect public authorities from claims of costs when they act at the request of other jurisdictions.


The law would protect public authorities such as the Attorney General, Comptroller of Taxes and the Channel Island Competition and Regulatory Authority from cost claims where they act in good faith to assist other jurisdictions by conducting searches,  obtaining evidence or information or obtaining assets.


The draft law, called the Draft International Co-operation (Protection from Liability)(Jersey) Law is due to be debated by the States Assembly on 10th July.


How to get involved


If you would like to comment on the draft law, you can write to us, send us an email or use our online form. 


Make on online submission


Or write to:

Scrutiny Office,

Morier House

Halkett Place

St Helier



Submissions should be received by 5pm on Friday 6th July.

Terms of reference

This is a short review to examine the Draft International Co-operation (Protection from Liability) (Jersey) Law. No formal terms of reference have been set.

Lead officer(s)

Simon SpottiswoodeTelephone: 01534 441017